At BHV.NL, the Emergency Response Officer refresher training (BHV herhalingscursus in Dutch) can also be followed in English. For employees who have followed a basic ERO training, we offer the Emergency response Officer English refresher course. With this ERO training you renew your certificate.

We advise you to refresh knowledge, memory and skills because knowledge and skills become ingrained with more practice. This allows you to act with certainty. The product development department of BHV.NL annually provides new teaching content and updated teaching methods so that the emergency response officer training in English remains varied and interesting every year. 

It is necessary to repeat to fulfill your duties correctly when an emergency arises. After you have finished the training and you have been declared competent by the teacher, you will receive a new emergency response certificate that is valid for a year. After a year, you will have to repeat your training again to make sure that your skills are still up to the required standards.

To enroll for this training you can fill in the Dutch online registration form or > Download the English registration form (Word document) and send it to info@bhv.nl

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Your time investment

This Emergency Response Officer training takes one day and the curriculum is renewed annually.
  • Practice day: from 08.30 - 15.00 hours
  • Location in Amsterdam, Utrecht, Veldhoven or Leidschendam

ERO training: Practice day

During the practice day, you practice the emergency response tasks. The tasks that you are going to practice are:
  • Suffocation
  • Bandaging
  • The recovery position
  • CPR
  • Fire extinguishing exercises
  • Door procedure
During the practice day, extensive attention is paid to refresh your knowledge and skills and you will practice many different emergency response tasks.

After the Emergency Response Officer refresher training

After you have finished the Emergency Response Officer training, you know how to act in an emergency situation. You will know how to do the following tasks:
  • Take preventive action
  • Communication in the event of an emergency;
  • Vacate and evacuate;
  • CPR (with and without AED);
  • Life saving acts;
  • Recognize and treat differtent forms of injuries;
  • The difference between fire extinguishing agents and when to use which;
  • Recognize and fight a starting fire.

Is this course suitable for me?

This emergency response training is a refresher training and is suitable for people who want to renew their certificate to remain an Emergency Response Officer. It is essential that you have first followed the emergency response basic course.

If you want to follow this course in Dutch, you can follow our BHV basis course.

Included in the training

The following is included in the price of the Emergency Response Officer refresher training:
  • Practice day in Amsterdam, Utrecht, Veldhoven or Leidschendam
  • Coffee/ tea and lunch on the practice day
  • Course material
  • Your own emergency response card and certificate

The advantages of this emergency response training

The advantages of this emergency response refresher course compared to other emergency response courses are:
  • Active training with different learning methods
  • Your knowledge and skills completely refreshed in 1 day
  • Certified instructors for First Aid, BLS and AED; Dutch Reanimation Council, NIBHV
  • A new program every year

Group training / Incompany training

Are there several people in your organisation who have to follow the ERO refresher training? From six participants or up, we can organise a group training. This training can be given in-company or out-company (in a practice center or on another external location). It is also possible to create a training that is adjusted to your organization. We can create a customized training for your organization. If this is your wish, you can contact us through the contact form.


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