Workshop CPR using an AED

Every week, 300 Dutch people are struck by cardiac arrest. This can happen everywhere, also at work. The sooner the victim is resuscitated, the better their changes of survival are. Every minute counts. Due to CPR and the use of an AED within 6 minutes, chances of survival increase from 10% to 50-70%. Thus it’s extra important that in case of an emergency, your company’s employees know how to provide CPR. In this workshop we teach your employees how to provide CPR (also with the use of an AED).

Tip! This workshop can be followed individually, but it can also be implemented as part of a modular training. We can host this workshop at your organization’s premises.

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For whom is this workshop intended?

This workshop is intended for employees who want to learn how to provide CPR (with the use of an AED) in order to increase the chances of survival of a victim with a cardiac arrest. This could be an in-house emergency officer, but as an organization you can also opt to have more employees trained. Prior knowledge is not required. Participants do have to be physically and mentally capable of providing aid.

In addition to CPR, do you want your employees to also learn to extinguish an incipient fire, evacuate and perform non-life-saving actions? Then a Emergency Response Officer training might be a better choice. Read more about our emergency response officer training here.

What is included in the workshop?

During this ‘Workshop CPR with an AED’ in a couple of hours’ time you’ll employees learn how to provide CPR. They also learn how to use an AED during a resuscitation. An AED (Automated External Defibrillator) is able to determine whether there is acute heart failure resulting in circulatory arrest. If there is a disturbance in the heart rhythm, you can give the heart - if indicated by the AED - one or more powerful current pulses to bring back the normal heart rhythm. During the workshop, you will carry out practical exercises on a dummy and also practice using an AED. All under the guidance of one of our 55 experienced instructors.

During the workshop, the following will be addressed:
  • Diagnostics: how do you recognize a cardiac arrest or a circulatory arrest? And when do you start CPR?
  • The different steps of a resuscitation and the effect of this on the body.
  • Operating the AED: how does an AED work, how do you connect it and how do you operate an AED?
  • The non-resuscitation statement: what is it and how do you act as a rescuer?
  • Citizen aid
  • Tools

Time investment

The training course lasts 2.5 hours.

What do you get out of it?

When this workshop is finished, your employees will be able to adequately provide first aid to someone with cardiac arrest. After the course, employees will receive a proof of participation.


This workshop includes course material (like a dummy to practice with).

*Sources: Nederlandse Reanimatieraad (Dutch Resuscitation Council), Orange Cross

Modular training

We can implement this training course as a modular training. By means of modular training we can tailor the course to fit the risks of your organization. Together we choose which topics/modules are relevant to your organization and subsequently we compose a course day. So you can trust that the training course will always connect to the work practice of your employees.

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